Superhero Capes

My twin grandsons are celebrating their 5th birthday soon and will be having a birthday party with invited friends their own age. Always in the past, their birthday has been a family occasion. As a party favor, my daughter decided that they should give Superhero Capes, as the twins love them so much. It seems like a lot, but the party is for two children so that makes it a bit more reasonable. The capes were made by PipandBean Etsy Shop, and they are adorable. The colors are absolutely wonderful. The cost of having Pip and Bean add the emblems to 20 capes was too much, so Grandma was tasked (actually Grandma volunteered) to make and add emblems to each cape. And I have been totally immersed in that the past three days.

Here are some pictures of my adventures. Unfortunately the emblems are too large to cut with an AccuQuilt, so they have all been cut by hand. I do wish I had ordered the bullseye Studio dies, as I would have loved having the smaller circles cut so nicely with it. The outer circle is 10-1/2″ (used my longarm circles for that. However, I have three rotary cutters and none of them would cut through the eco-felt or the wool felt, so they all had to be cut with scissors. Also tried the Silhouette on the eco-felt and that didn’t work either. This sounds like a challenge that should be pursued. . .I have cut smaller felt shapes with my AccuQuilt and it cuts great.

IMG_4775 IMG_4779 IMG_4784


Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. How cute,well done!
    They have much luck with a grandma as you!
    Very nice and I think and know that their birthday party cannot be broken with this beautifull capes!

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