Stabilizing the t-shirts

Yesterday most of the t-shirts were stabilized. Just a few tips about fusing. I have used parchment paper over the years for fusing because the teflon sheets seemed to add puckers. It’s probably just the way I did it, but that’s what happened. Then I saw an article about the Goddess pressing sheet and bought a very large one. And wow, that is a great pressing sheet and works better than anything else I have ever had. The parchment paper seems to leave a residue on the press, and the Goddess pressing sheet does not.

Sometimes the print on the t-shirt gets a little soft when it gets hot. This is especially true of those that have large areas of color and are a little stiff. The way I handle those is to press them and then let them cool completely before removing the pressing sheet. If I remove the pressing sheet when they’re hot, some of the color may stick to the sheet. If it’s cool, no problem.

I noticed yesterday that I needed a much hotter press for the sweatshirts than for the t-shirts. I usually keep my press at about 325 degrees for the t-shirts, but it needed to be 375 for the sweatshirts.

Here’s a quick t-shirt quilt show:

This t-shirt quilt was made for a friend who had run the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta for 30 years. Three months after this quilt was finished, he passed away while on an evening run. He loved this quilt so very much in that short time that it has always made me very glad that I had made it.

2010-10-Steve Luck t-shirt quilt_002-600


This quilt was made for my son-in-law with t-shirts he painted at summer camp along with a few other t-shirts.

2010-03-03 t-shirt quilt JG_001-600


This t-shirt quilt hangs in the Institute of Government at UNC as a memorial to a much-loved professor there.

2010-04-23-t-shirt quilt_022-600

This t-shirt quilt is my daughter’s and has t-shirts from her years as a ballerina.

2010-05-17 KAB Ballet t-shirt quilt_000-600 

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  1. You almost make me want to sew one that bonus son Steve wishes I would do for him. Almost, but not quite ready to tackle it! I have seen your t-shirt quilts and they are beautiful but posted here, perhaps even more so.

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