T-shirt quilt layout

Today is a continuation of the t-shirt quilt that I started last week. Over the weekend, the shirts were cut to size. Normally, they are cut into 14 inch squares. As I started cutting these, I realized that because the shirts were almost all small or extra small size that the blocks would need to be smaller. Thus, for the first time on a t-shirt quilt I cut all the blocks to 12-1/2 inches. There are some t-shirt quiltmakers that always use a 12 inch square, but in the past it seemed that a great deal of the logo could be cut off. However, since styles have changed and these shirts are more recent, the 12-1/2 inch square works on this one.

For layout, I lay the shirts out on a bed or on the floor and begin arranging until I am satisfied. With the number of shirts for this one — 16, it’s a pretty easy layout of 4 x 4 blocks. I played with 3 x 5 and combining some blocks but in the end I think the 4 x 4 will work best. That gives a final size of 58 x 58 inches with 2 inch sashing between the blocks.

I use my phone camera to record possible layouts so that when I get to the machine, it’s easy to double check the arrangement of shirts. Here are some possible layouts. Remember, this is just to get an idea of how the eye will travel with the shirt colors–it will look very different with the sashing added between the shirts.

Which layout do you like best?

2014-04-28 alt t-shirt layout (Small)

2014-04-28 t-shirt4x4 (Small)

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  1. top one! 😉 I would switch the two grey and white shirts on the top right (with pink ursuline) though… OR switch one of the white in the top row with the dark grey in the bottom left.

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