Quilting Recap

Does it seem that blogging is on the back burner? I think about it every day, but seems that life is just as hectic as it was before I retired. We fill the spaces. There are six grandchildren now and another one on the way. While only three of them live nearby, they all have a pretty high priority on my to do list.

Yesterday 2 year old BO played with the buttons on the front of the dishwasher–they all light up when you push them–and the dishwasher no longer works. We called tech support, and they couldn’t help, so it means waiting until a repairman can come to fix it. Fortunately, it’s still under warranty, so there will be no cost. The question is: was it the combination of buttons he pushed, or would it have happened anyway? Who knows, but children sure do keep us on our toes. Once the dishwasher is repaired, we will use the child lock button for sure. However, it only makes one wonder how long it will take him to figure out how to disable that.

And why is the dishwasher situation significant to quilting? Well, since hubby does all the dishes, it means I’ll be helping with the dishwashing until it’s fixed.

But quilting has occurred (not in the past two weeks) but in the weeks before that, so here are some snapshots of things that have been finished. This first quilt is just lovely. The customer did not want to pay for custom, and I wasn’t willing to do custom for free, so I did an edge to edge of one of my own designs. This is called Tilt A Whirl and is one of my all-time favorites. I can’t think of a prettier edge to edge for a quilt with large open spaces.

IMG_5915_0015 (Custom)


And this quilt is one that Norma sent me to quilt. I absolutely love the colors on this one.

IMG_5902_0019 (Custom)

And these three are quilts that I sent to AZ Blankets 4 Kids. As I’ve mentioned before, they provided quilts for us when Ezri had her surgeries in Phoenix at Barrow Neurological Institute / St. Joseph’s Hospital, and this is my way of giving back. Sherry pieced the butterfly quilts and Norma pieced three Teddy Bear quilts (only one is pictured). They’re all beautiful. The photos of these last three don’t have enough light to show the beautiful bright colors as well as the real thing. They are so beautiful and will be loved I’m sure.

IMG_5899_0016 (Custom) IMG_5900_0017 (Custom) IMG_5901_0018 (Custom)


9 Replies to “Quilting Recap”

  1. Love the Tilt-a-Whirl quilt, it’s gorgeous. Who says there has to be feathers all over the place? (it seems to me that the quilting world has gone feather crazy)
    All those grandkids must really eat into your quilting time, but keep up that beautiful quilting!

  2. Our dishwasher locked up last week and we turned the circuit breaker off and on at the box. It reset and works fine! Love the tilt a whirl!

  3. The Tilt-a-Whirl certainly looks custom. What a beautiful design. Is it for sale Marjorie on the Intelligent Quilting site? Sounds like your life is very full and rich, especially with those precious grandchildren. And now another on the way. How wonderful. The other quilts are splendid and are sure to make an ill child feel comforted.

  4. Yeah I’ve missed your updates – but great quilts to come back with! Hope your dishwasher repair is a simple one – it’s one of those things we take for granted and then we really miss it when it breaks down!

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