Snail’s Trail Quilt

The Snail’s Trail is one of my favorite quilt blocks. Here are some layout options as well as the dies needed to cut it with the new BOB die or with the alternate individual dies.  Yesterday’s blog on AccuQuilt features the Snail’s Trail block. While they use a new BOB die and the new GO! Big die cutter, some of us already have dies for the AccuQuilt GO! that will make this quilt with just a little more effort until we save our pennies for the newest tool. If you love the pattern as much as I do, you may want to go ahead and make a block or two. There are cutting instructions using alternate dies shown below. The AccuQuilt GO! quilt pattern is a free download.

Here are a couple of additional layouts besides the one that is shown on the AccuQuilt blog. These layouts turn the blocks so that the monkey wrenches interlock. The large triangle on the outside would be a great place to use an allover novelty print.

Snail's Trail Layout 1Snail's Trail Layout 2


I drew the block in EQ7 and printed the rotary cutting instructions and added the die cutters needed in red to the instructions. Click on either page below to download the pdf version.

Snail's Trail Rotary 1Snail's Trail Rotary_Page_2

6 Replies to “Snail’s Trail Quilt”

  1. Awesome work! I am a firm believer in using our mix and match set instead of purchasing the BOBs myself and hopefully this post will inspire others to do the same 😀

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve wanted to make this design for ages and already have all of the dies required to do it this way.

  3. Marjorie, thanks for doing all this work for us. I have mixed feelings about quite a few of the BOBs. I like to use the mix and match dies because they are so much more versatile. You can use them for so many blocks. I like to teach my students to think outside of the box and really get to know their dies and how they can be used for different blocks. The BOBs take this versatility away from you. I guess it is great for AccuQuilt because people are now buying a BOB and then will have to buy dies for the mix and match sets when they realize how restrictive some of these BOBs are! Also, close to $100 for this new 12″ die is a lot of $$ for one block design.

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