The Twos Have It!

Winners for the Winter Bliss Machine Embroidery Set are Bobette L. and Sandra S. The numbers generated by my custom random number generator were 2 and 20. I counted comments from the first one to the last and got these winners. I will be emailing you this morning and hope you enjoy the sets.

And this is what I worked on this weekend. I am trying to finish a quilt to send to Gene Black for his Quilt Angels project. I just have to get this one on the frame and quilted.

Angel Quilt 600


And I finished a quilt of Norma’s–it is a Dear Jane. This one is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a gift for her daughter.

Norma's Jane-600

And I finished two embroidery quilts for a customer. Love the way the stippling turned out on the embroidered blocks. I think it looks so nice because the redwork embroidery thread is dark and heavy. While the embroidery was done by hand, it certainly gives me tips as to how I want to digitize redwork for machine embroidery.

Christmas embroidery02-600 Christmas embroidery01-600

6 Replies to “The Twos Have It!”

    1. Hi Gene, I had never done embroidery with a stipple before, but this worked great. I have done redwork and bluework with cross hatching, but after seeing this, I think a fairly open stipple may be the very best solution.

  1. Oops…just checked, wasn’t me. Oh well…I know the other Sandra will be thrilled. Looking forward to seeing your reply to Gene’s question below.

  2. Thanks Marjorie – can’t believe I won something!! The designs look awesome. What a sweet surprise!!

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