It’s Baking Time–with a few Stitches Thrown In

I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland–late, late, late for a very important date. Quilting seemed to interfere with my plans to have a totally unrushed and calm holiday season. Part of the problem is that I just couldn’t say no when people asked me to help them finish their quilts. However, as of yesterday, the packages are shipped, and I can settle down to things like baking cookies and decorating the tree.

Tomorrow–Monday–we’re going to have a great Blog Tour with lots of recipes. SewCalGal has organized this group of stitching cooks, and I think you’ll find some fun recipes. Here’s a list of all the participants. To celebrate, I did a little stitching to accessorize my daughter who always does a lot of baking.

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Stitch This (Martingale)

Leah Day – The Free Motion Quilting  Project

Wendy Sheppard  (Ivory Spring)


Marjorie Busby (Blue Feather Quilt Studio)

Jeannette Jones (Inchworm Fabrics)

Barb Gaddy (Bejeweled Quilts)

The Electric Quilt Company (Behind The Mouse – The Electric Quilt Blog)

Hoffman California Fabrics’ Creative Canvas blog


The recipient of this apron has three boys and is expecting a fourth any day now. She keeps the boys in line and runs a tight ship. She definitely is a Super Mom. And since those boys are into Superheroes, I thought they should know that Mom fits into that category too.

I digitized this embroidery myself using Art and Stitch software. It was a great experience for me as I learned to manipulate the letters using the various handles that allow one to reshape and respace letters in a lot of different ways. This was the first time I felt that I really could create text the way I wanted it.

And if you want to create something like this, but don’t have the inclination to do the digitizing, Embroidery Library has some great designs for all kinds of stitchers with super powers.





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