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Welcome to the Holiday Recipes Blog Blitz hosted by SewCalGal. The recipe I am sharing today has the most fun name because it’s so cold outside and the name reminds me of sunny summer beach days. This is the perfect recipe for the holidays because we bake one pan of these cookies and still have more left to bake on another day. The dough is made into rolls that go in the refrigerator and when it’s time for cookies and milk, we just slice them, add the cinnamon and nut topping and bake them.

Just a little recipe history: I received this recipe from a neighbor over 30 years ago. The recipe was double the one below and written in pounds (my neighbor had previously been stationed in Papua New Guinea). I converted it to cups and halved the recipe. In addition, I added the almond flavoring because we like that flavor in our family, and it allows me to bake them as sugar cookies with no topping or with sprinkles when I’m in a hurry.

SPECIAL NOTE: When you use sprinkles, remember that you can get natural food color sprinkles at food stores like Whole Foods. None of us should be consuming the artificial colors allowed in this country by the USDA. And we should ask for natural food color sprinkles and natural food color at our regular grocery stores too. 

Click the recipe card for a downloadable pdf file that you can save to your computer. I’ll bet you can’t eat just one!

Sand Tarts recipe



This year, I have been trying to organize all my recipes as well as reduce that messy shelf that contains not only cookbooks but lots of loose paper (that didn’t get into the loose recipe binder), and all those little recipe books that come with appliances and have great information about how to use them. My solution has been a pdf scanner that scans quickly and creates searchable text so that I can find things easily. Thus my recipe shelf is slowly, but surely becoming a Dropbox recipe folder.

I love this because I have collected several wonderful community cookbooks over the years. Many of them were created before we had computers (my childhood :)) and the recipes were indexed but still very hard to find. By taking these cookbooks apart and scanning them into an OCR text pdf, I now have a way to search for the blueberry cobbler recipe or I can even search by the name of the contributor–like Aunt Abby’s sugar cookies.

And if you’re looking for recipe software, there are a couple of great ones out there. I use Living Cookbook because the most recent version has a way to share recipes in the cloud. This makes for a great way for families and friends to share recipes. What I love most about Living Cookbook is that I can copy and paste into the Capture menu and it converts the recipe into a written recipe in the software. Master Chef also gets great reviews.

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Merry Christmas



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  1. What a yummy recipe and cute name too! I look forward to making them. Thanks for the insights on where to get natural colored sprinkles. I too try hard to avoid artificial food coloring. I also moved my recipe collection to electronic format years ago, which makes it easier to search as well as for traveling. Now that you’ve got me using Dropbox I’ll move my recipes so I can get them on different devices. Thanks again!


  2. Thanks! I need to look for sprinkles without artificial ingredients. It is so much healthier when planning fun cookies!

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