Patience Corners with the AccuQuilt GO! 8″ Square Die

I have been doing some experiments with the 8 inch square Accuquilt GO! die. It cuts a square that is 8-1/2 inches and finishes at 8 inches. This die is very useful for squaring blocks to 8-1/2 inches and for cutting longer jelly roll strips to 8-1/2 inches long for the Strip Twist pattern. But what else can it do?

One of my favorite patterns is Patience Corners. It looks wonderful with any combination of fabrics and is a great way to use up charm squares or 6-1/2 inch squares. I decided to try using the 8 inch die to make Patience Corners. The combination of the 8 inch finished square and the 2-1/2 inch strip die was a perfect combination.

I usually make the Patience Corners block as a colored square with two strips on either side. This time I added strips all the way around the block and then cut it into squares. The strips were cut with the 2-1/2 inch strip die.

To cut the strips, I cut an 8-1/2 inch width of fabric strip and fan folded it across the 2-1/2 inch strip die. I also cut a 12-1/2 inch width of fabric and fan folded that across the 2-1/2 inch strip die. These 2-1/2 inch strips fit the 8-1/2 inch square perfectly. This is the block I made:

8 in square AccuQuilt GO! die
Patience Corners with 8 inch square AccuQuilt GO! die

And then I cut it into four squares. That was pretty easy to do because I measured exactly 4 inches from the the seam of the strips and the block. I drew lines where I cut the block as you can see below:

8in square PC cut

And then I rearranged and stitched the resulting four blocks into the Patience Corners block:

8in square to finished block

And the result was this quilt which I made using novelty prints that were in my stash. It’s a great ispy quilt for a little one:

8in Patience Corners

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  1. Your Patience Corners pattern is one of my favorite. This one is a great addition.

  2. Great directions. This is one die I don’t have. I guess I better add it to my short list of dies needed (but don’t tell my husband as he thinks I have too many dies as it is!). This would make a great QOV with red/white/blue fabrics.

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