Star in a Star Quilt Block

There’s a beautiful quilt in the July/August 2016 Quiltmaker Magazine called Blue Cheese Night by Diane Harris. The block she used is a Star in a Star quilt block that I’ve seen many times, but have never attempted to make. However, the new AccuQuilt GO! QUBE tool is inspiration to explore some quilt blocks and techniques that didn’t interest me before.

The block is a 12″ Variable star block with a 6″ Variable star block set into the center square of the 12″ block. This is the block from my EQ Stitch drawing:

star in a star graphic


Instructions for traditional rotary cutting are shown in the magazine, but I wanted to use my AccuQuilt GO! QUBEs to make this quilt block so I spent the afternoon working out which dies would work. And of course, I had to write it into a page of instructions. It uses the 6″ and the 12″ AccuQuilt GO! Mix & Match QUBE. You can find the instructions here (updated 5/30/2016).


Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Works perfectly. I don’t have a 12 inch cube but the flying geese die works and the rest are in the 6 in cube.

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