Chained Sawtooth Star with Frayed 4-Patch Block

Here’s to some more experiments with the AccuQuilt GO! Mix & Match QUBE 6″ and 12″ Blocks. The month of June between Memorial Day and July 4 seems to be a great time for making star blocks. To be honest, my favorite kind of quilting is just making a single block to see how it will turn out and to figure out the best way to make it. Once I’ve made one, it sort of commits to the making of a quilt–which I don’t enjoy nearly as much as making that first block or two. Sounds like I should choose a color scheme and make samplers doesn’t it?

This block started out as a Jewel Box Block from the AccuQuilt website

Jewel Box

and multiplied by four and rotated it turns into a Jewel Box Star

Jewel Box Star

This is the Jewel Box Star that I made with the 6″ QUBE using red, white, and blue fabrics.

Jewel Box Star-600px

I decided to see if I could simplify the block using the 4-patch units and rectangle from the GO! Mix & Match 6″ QUBE and the Flying Geese unit from the GO! Mix & Match 12″ QUBE.

Sawtooth Star witih Frayed 9-Patch

The numbers in red are the shape #s for the 6″ QUBE, and the numbers in black are the shape #s for the 12″ QUBE. I really love having all the dies in one place — it makes working on something like this much neater than going through all my dies and pulling out the ones I need and then putting them back in the right order. The QUBE dies are always at my finger tips.

Here’s the finished block using the simplified layout.

Chained Sawtooth with Frayed 9-Patch

They’re both great blocks. The nice thing about the Jewel Box block is that you only have to have one size QUBE to make the whole block. With the simplified layout, you have to have both the 6″ and 12″ QUBEs or do some calculations and rotary cutting.

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