Making an Ohio Star with the QUBE

After a long week and big project, I decided to focus on making another star. The QUBE is designed to make quilt blocks that are four patches across and four patches down. But I had seen an Ohio Star that was made with a QUBE. As you know, the Ohio Star is a 9-patch block (3 patches across by 3 patches down). And so finally I realized that the way to make a 9-patch block with a QUBE is that the block will be a different size than the QUBE size. Thus, a 6 inch QUBE will make a 9 inch 9-patch block.

But the nice thing about a QUBE is that no matter what the finished size is, for any given quilt block the Shape number / Die number from one QUBE to the next is always the same to make that block. Thus for the Ohio Star, whether you make a 9″, 12″, 13-1/2″ or 18″ block–the Die Shapes used are Shape 1 and Shape 4. This is the piecing diagram for any size block:

And this is the Cutting Chart for the Ohio Star Block using any size QUBE. Ohio Star


  • a 6 inch QUBE makes a 9 inch 9-patch block,
  • an 8 inch QUBE makes a 12 inch 9-patch block,
  • a 9 inch QUBE makes a 13-1/2 inch 9-patch, and
  • a 12 inch QUBE makes an 18 inch 9-patch.

Cutting: Shape 1 = Square and Shape 4 = Quarter Square Triangles (QST)

  • Shape 1 – Cut 4 light and 1 center square
  • Shape 4 – Cut 8 light QSTs and 8 dark QSTs (if you layer fabric right sides together, the QSTs are ready to stitch when you take them to the machine)

2016-06-09 Ohio Star_005

Stitch light and dark triangles together on the short side. I chain stitched them to be sure they were stitched in the same direction. And then they are stitched together again to make the complete quarter square triangle.

2016-06-09 Ohio Star_013

2016-06-09 Ohio Star_014

Sew into rows and then into a block.

2016-06-09 Ohio Star_019

And it’s done.

Now to more important things. The summer has been so nice. We’ve had lots of rain and a couple of very hot days, but we have had some beautiful days too. Our co-rec softball season is into the tournament and last night was a win with an early game against a team of much younger players. Over the years we always come out on top with this team and for some reason that makes them want to beat us that much more. We won again last night–but two of their best players weren’t there. The weather was nice, and hubby and I were able to walk to the game. It’s a little over a mile from our house and we can walk through the neighborhood and past the schools to the park.

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