Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas Day has passed and we are on to a New Year. My husband said on Christmas evening that he always thinks of the New Year the day after Christmas, and I have the same feeling every year. Christmas is fun, but it’s also a hurdle and once it’s over, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Just a recap of December for the quilting that happened here. After finishing all the embroidery, I continued on with the quilting with soft quilt backs like Minkee and fleece. The grandchildren all wanted a “soft” quilt. This is the one that Ezri pieced and I quilted. The snowflake pantograph is one of Patricia Ritter’s from UrbanElementz. It is really gorgeous and shows up so beautifully on the Minkee.

Rather than put a label on the back of each quilt, I used the built-in alphabet on my embroidery machine and stitched on the top of the quilts. There’s no reason for the label not to be on the front of the quilt and this was so much easier than making a label and stitching it to the back. There just wasn’t time for that.

There are a couple of other quilts I finished for the children – really quickie ones, but in the rush forgot to take pics. Will show them another day when I get a chance to take pics.



And this is one that my sister-in-law made as a Christmas gift. She has just started quilting again after quite a few years. I love the colors and the design and everything about this quilt. It just goes to show that a design doesn’t have to be complex to be really beautiful.

The munchkin at the end is my five-year old grandson. Isn’t he adorable?


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  1. Beautiful quilt and cute, precious little grandson!! I pray for a good New Year for all. Seeing the back of that quilt makes me want a quilting machine so badly!

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