Making a Bed Quilt and a little Update

A lot has changed around here. We started an addition to our house in May, and it is now complete. School started in August as a virtual school only. With five grandchildren here in town and all in school, we have taken on the job of working with our oldest granddaughter in the 8th grade. She has some special needs because of the four brain surgeries she had as a toddler.

I told you yesterday that I had used the Comfort Quilt that Barbara designed to make a bed quilt. Our house addition was a downstairs master bedroom and while there are lots of quilts all over the house, they are not bed size quilts. With a new bed downstairs, there was an urgent need for a quilt for the bed. I decided to do something that I thought would be easy, but that turned out not to be the case.

The quilt was sized to comfortably fit a queen size bed without going all the way to the floor. I laid out the top and it seemed just perfect. I had a King Size wool quilt batting which I love for bed quilts – warm in winter and cool in summer so I used that when I quilted it. When it was finished, I threw it in the washer and dryer to soften it up.

What a surprise when it came out ten inches shorter and narrower than when I put it in. I have used wool batting in the past and this never happened. I don’t know if this was a different brand from my past batting as I don’t make many bed quilts. I still love wool batting, but will have to figure out how to shrink it before quilting next time.

The quilt is beautiful – just too small to be comfortable for sleeping – although we’re using it until I can make a quilt that fits. I am sure this one will fit a standard double bed perfectly.

This is the quilt and you can see that the drop is just not enough to be comfortable.


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  1. I use Hobbs Wool and Cotton Blend and have not had a shrinkage problem. Congratulations on your new bedroom. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Donna, Comments are not coming to my email, so am answering here. I did not have a shrinkage problem previously so am wondering if the temperature on my new washing machine needs adjusting. I haven’t tried the Wool and Cotton Blend, but it sounds like that might be a nice choice too. Maybe the shrinkage had to do with the construction and the water temp changed. We built a new laundry room downstairs so things are definitely different than before. I do love the wool batting though. This quilt will just have to go on a smaller bed. PS: We love the new bedroom.

  2. I preshrink my battings all the time. You do still get a wee bit of shrinkage over the first couple of washes of a quilt, but just a tiny bit, nothing like 10 inches. I just open the batting out, then put it all in the mudroom sink. Fill it full of the hottest water from the tap and weight the batting down with flower vases (batting likes to float, and then a bunch of it is in the cool air instead of in the piping-hot water. I leave the whole thing there until the water is only lukewarm. Drain it and squish out as much water as I can. Carefully transfer it to my dryer. (Make SURE one of your daughter’s shoes is not hiding up on one of the dryer’s “fins”!!) Then I run the dryer on normal, stopping it ever few minutes to very carefully shift the batting around so it dries evenly instead of bunching a wet portion up inside itself. I don’t have problems with the batting pulling apart (most often, I do Hobbs Tuscany washable wool or Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom cotton/poly, but every so often it’s a silk batt). – unless a shoe was left in the dryer. DESTROYS the batting. lolol!! When I wash finished quilts, I use cold water, and unless it’s a heirloom hand-appliqued quilt, I’ll put it in the dryer on low for about 15 minutes, then lay it out to finish drying. Sue Garman was the one who got me started pre-shrinking my batts.

    1. Lynette, Thank you so much for the information on the wool batting. I had used wool batt previously and it didn’t shrink appreciably, so this surprised me. I do not know what brand that was, but it was definitely less dense. This was Hobbs Tuscany 100% wool and my next batt is the same so I will follow your instructions. I will also take the wool dryer balls out of my dryer as I expect they might take the path of a stray shoe – oh the things we encounter with children lol. I do have an account with Quilters Dream and will order wool with my next order, but I can’t imagine Quilters Dream would shrink less than Hobbs.

      I am halfway there to a top (triple irish chain) for that bed so hope to be able to quilt this in the next week or so. Will report my results on the blog. Thank you again for taking the time to help me with this.

  3. Still a beautiful quilt. I’m fairly new to using wool batting and have just sandwiched a King which is ready for quilting. Now you have me a bit worried. What brand of Wool batting did you use? I’m using Dream Wool, which I used in another quilt, but it was quite oversized so I don’t think I would have noticed any shrinkage. Same with a wool lap size I’ve made previously.

    I’m amazed to hear Ezri is already in the 8th grade. Wow, she is growing up. Glad you are helping with her homeschooling, but I’m sure it is a time-consuming challenge.

    1. After reading the comments, it makes me wonder if the new washing machine used hotter water than normal. I usually use the warm water setting, but it may need adjusting. I think Lynette’s comment to use cold water is a good one. I used Hobbs Tuscany 100% wool but the previous time I used that, it did not shrink appreciably. I like Quilters Dream and will likely use that in the future as it’s easier for me to get that brand.

      I’m answering comments on the blog as only one of today’s comments actually came to my email. Ezri is growing up so fast. We find it unbelievable how much time it takes working with her as she has to work many times harder than the other students just to keep up. Overall, it’s a good experience for all of us.

    1. Thank you Belinda, I think I will enjoy it – will likely layer it over another quilt – I always like to have two quilts on the bed anyway and it will work well on top of another quilt that is bigger and works better for cover. I love that graphic black and gray design more every day.

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