Barbara’s Four Patch Quilt Tutorial

It’s Monday and time for a new quilt tutorial. This is a quilt that we have made in our Comfort Quilt group. It was designed by one of our members, Barbara, who is a wonderful quiltmaker. This quilt top is unique in that in order to complete the design half blocks are needed on one side and on the bottom of the quilt.

A tip for making the Four patch subunits is to follow the instructions in a previous blog post here.

This quilt is made of four patch units. This is the main block. Make 35 of these. 

This is the half block for the right side of the quilt. Make 7 of these.

This is the half block for the bottom row of the quilt.  Make 5 of these.

And this is the corner block that is needed on the bottom row of the quilt.

This is a diagram of the quilt showing the block outlines.


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    1. Hi Barbara, Comments are not all coming through to my email, so will answer here. This is an unusual version isn’t it? I love the way it looks and have loved it more every day I see it on my bed.

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