Mariner’s Compass

You know I always say that quilts evolve over time and truly believe that they are “birthed” as much as designed and stitched. We start making them and then something happens, and we change the fabric or the layout or the size. Sometimes it’s simple, like adding another border or taking a border away. Sometimes the quilt sits for a week or a month or a year or two and then it becomes something else. The Mariner’s Compass I’m working on is evolving in much the same way.

AccuQuilt sent me a Mariner’s Compass die and asked that something be created with it. There were no restrictions given. I made a block and it turned out to be easier than one would expect. Then in order to make something quilted it needed to be drawn in EQ. Using computers is so much easier than drawing by hand and it gives accurate numbers for cutting so that was the next step.

And then the evolution began and is still in process. This is where I am right now. The plan was to make a wall hanging with the Mariner’s Compass blocks floating among the waves. The diamond Triangle in a Square sashing represents gentle waves and the border quarter square triangle waves are splashy waves.  Now, I’m trying to draw more so that it will be a King size bed quilt. I got a few drawings in EQ, but have decided maybe to put the Mariner’s Compass on point which means I have to go to Adobe Illustrator to draw something that complicated. I’ll keep you posted.

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    1. Thank you Sherry. I wasn’t sure about the Mariner’s Compass die because I always think of that as paper pieced, but it really works well. Now I can’t wait to finish this quilt.

    1. Hi Belinda, I think I missed your comment until today. Christmas is coming and the last two weeks of virtual 8th grade with Ezri are busy. You are right it’s a lot of work, but a new challenge for me. I usually make lap quilts so this is a whole lot more to do.

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