The week before Christmas

There has been no stitching in this house this week. But I’m determined not to let the blog sit idle, so will tell you what we’ve done. First of all we have a Christmas tree up. And in the entry way, there is a little 3 foot tree that is my favorite. This year it has gold balls and colored lights. We are big fans of colored lights so both trees have colored lights.

The children came over on Friday night. After playing outside in the cold for an hour, we had hot dogs for supper,  homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert and Christmas songs karaoke using the Amazon music app on our TV. That was really fun. My cousin said it was a “weiner, winter, winner Friday.” I would agree – and much better than the Covid 3 W’s. Today is our 45th wedding anniversary so that was the biggest part of the celebration.  Vance really liked the sparkling grape juice at Thanksgiving and asked if we had any more – I told him that was special and we will have it at Christmas. The last picture is Ezri working on her Lego Elf House.

Also for our anniversary, Ted is painting the downstairs bathroom. When we opened the paint (at least 12 years old) that matches the rest of the downstairs walls, it appeared to have mold in the top. He had already taken the toilet out so there was no going back until the room was painted. There was paint left over from the bathroom in the new addition, so that’s what we used. The bathroom has wall paper and he’s painting over the wall paper. After much research he found that was the recommended way to deal with wall paper. I was skeptical, but the wall that is finished looks great. In the picture you can see the finished wall as well as the next wall that only has a first coat on it. The paint is not nearly as dark as it looks in the photo – it’s actually a very pale gray – almost white.

Now for the week before Christmas – I think I have some stitching to be done. Maybe some pillow cases out of novelty fabric for the grandchildren. And Christmas cards to send. What are you doing this week?


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  1. That Friday night fun should put all of you in the Christmas spirit. The light on Ezri’s hair looks like she is decorated too! Merry Christmas.

    1. I thought the same about Ezri’s hair. She really had fun over the past few weeks with the Lego Elf house. Can’t believe Christmas is almost here. I’m so ready for the day to be here and so not ready with food and house and presents.

  2. Happy 45th Anniversary. Very special indeed. And your beautiful grandchild show what a wonderful family you two have created. Merry Christmas!

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