Stars and Triangles

How have two weeks passed since I wrote last? Virtual 8th grade is pretty intense. However, we got results back from the progress made since school started in August. The students take iReady tests in Math and Reading to determine how much they have achieved. We were absolutely thrilled to see that Ezri tested three grades higher on her Math and one grade higher on her Reading. It tells us that the one to one attention for a Special Needs student makes all the difference. Since Ted does the Math and I do the Language Arts, it also makes me want to work even harder with her on that. It’s not our favorite subject because we have to do the readings that are assigned rather than choose our own. But we have decided to do some reading just for fun besides Fablehaven and the assigned readings.

I watched a Lori Holt video tutorial on Youtube about 10 days ago. It was for a star block that is similar to one I saw on a Missouri Star Quilt video. These stars on floating on the background – an effect that is really pretty. The Lori Holt tutorial made a lot more sense to me for the size squares it uses. This is a link to the video

During 8th grade classes when I was not needed – like chorus and PE and Math – I dashed upstairs and made some star blocks. I used Lori’s method for the stars:

4-1/2″ background squares with 3-1/2″ color squares for 12″ blocks and

3-1/2″ background squares with 2-1/2″ color squares for 9″ blocks

and I made star blocks. Of course I tried different ways to make them. I used my half square triangle dies instead of squares to see if I had to use a square or if I could make the star points by placing half square triangles on the background squares. It works all right but getting the placement right is easier using a colored square. With a  plastic bin of 2-1/2″ color squares and a bin of background scraps to be cut already on hand, it was easy to use  strip dies to cut the background squares.  In the end, working with squares was the best way to make these stars.

The first blocks made were 12″ finished. But because it’s easier for me to work with smaller squares, I changed to 9″ blocks after I had 12 of the 12″ blocks finished.

The 12″ blocks made a 36″ x 48″ top and that would have been a nice baby quilt. But it is nice to have a bigger quilt, so the 4″ half square triangle die was used to make a triangle border. By using two 2″ finished borders and a 4″ triangle border, the finished size was 52″ x 64″. This likely won’t be a comfort quilt, but will keep to use as a gift when one is needed.  I like the Riley Blake Bee Basics fabrics by Lori Holt.

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    1. I worked really hard to find a way to do the border without having a hard time matching points. It still isn’t perfect – corners don’t match – but it will do. You know I don’t do scrappy very much, but this looks all right to me.

    1. Thanks Darlene. We have worked so hard with Ezri – it’s as much a grade for us as for her. I’m quilting the stars today. I think it’s going to be really pretty when it’s finished.

  1. I really like this quilt. I think I will go through my stash and see what I can come up with to make this quilt.

    1. It’s definitely worth making. No matter what scraps you have, this is one that really does look good scrappy. Pressing is the important thing so that the seams interlock when you get ready to put them together. I press toward the unpieced squares, even though they’re light, and then the long seams are pressed toward the center. That way the blocks interlock perfectly.

    1. Hi Debbie, I think Ezri is the blessing to us. We would have gone out of our minds during the Pandemic isolation if we weren’t doing 8th grade. And I’m learning so much and so is Ted. Social studies is a full review of US history. I don’t always agree with the view of the teacher, but at least I have references to look up. And it is wonderful that she is progressing the way she is.

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