Quilt Finishes for January

You have seen some of these quilts, but I got them up on the fence (between rainy January days) and took some pics. And have been slow getting them up here.

This is the one Ezri pieced. We were going to let her program the computer to quilt it, but virtual school got in the way. So I finally quilted and bound it and it is at home with her now. It’s a big quilt and will work on her 3/4 bed (it’s an oversized twin but not a double).  It looks like the colors are really bright in this picture on my screen, but in fact, they are rich and this quilt is one that you can just sit and enjoy the colors.

And this is a Double Irish Chain that I finally finished in early January. It’s about 95″ square. I think I’m going to send it to my brother as a late Christmas gift. The colors in this are really rich and beautiful too, it was made with the Tuscany batik collection.

And here are the two comfort / charity quilts I finished in January. I took the pics before quilting the second one, but both are quilted, bound, and gifted already.



8 Replies to “Quilt Finishes for January”

  1. Love your quilts and your inspiration! I am making a Scrappy Twisted Star (or Judy’s Star) quilt right now. I am enjoying using fabric from my stash. I have surprised myself at the amount of fabric I had stored. And with Covid being rampant it is a good time to stay in and quilt. ( I have had my 1st vaccination in the series-yea!)

    1. Belinda, this has been a great time to use up the stash. I am always surprised at the amount of fabric and often think it is like the loaves and fishes. It never seems to decrease no matter how much I stitch.

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