Lazy Girl Blog Free Projects: Holiday Fabric Garland and Ornament

This is a post from the Lazy Girl blog from December 2008. It’s a great idea for embellishing a gift – or even adding some dimension to a quilt in just the right places (after it’s quilted, please!). As always, I was thinking of stepping this up a bit–using the Accuquilt GO cutter.

Lazy Girl | Blog » Free Projects: Holiday Fabric Garland and Ornament.

After fusing the squares and before cutting, look at your Accuquilt dies. You could use the strip cutter to cut the squares very quickly. Or you could use stars and circles. Or you could use stars and circles on a ribbon to create a garland for hanging Christmas cards with those tiny little clothespins. Or what about adding hotfix crystals? Or why not make a magic wand for a little girl using the star and some ribbons hanging off the star.

Just remember, when you see an idea that someone else has shown, it’s just a seed to get you started. Look around and think about what you can do with it. I’d love to hear your ideas.

PS: I updated the Links page yesterday, I found a couple of the links were broken. Will keep checking, but let me know if you find any broken links so I can repair.  

Author: Marjorie Busby

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