New QubeWorkout Sampler Quilt Starts Monday

I am so excited to post the new blocks tomorrow for the new QAL. And even more so, it’s exciting to tell you that the blocks will be completely different from the AccuQuilt block sets. For me, this week has been one of much thought and deliberation into the design of this quilt. I loved the last QAL because of the beautiful quilts every one made and am excited for a new QAL. However, I want it to be something unique and exciting and for each of you to have a quilt like no other. It’s the same idea as that I never buy a dress off the rack because I always want to wear something no one else has.

The original sketch I posted was for 24 blocks of the usual AccuQuilt block sets, and no matter how I tried, it just didn’t make me happy. In addition, 24 weeks is a long time to do a QAL and I wondered how many would drop out along the way.

So I thought and thought about all the quilts I’ve seen and made over the last 40 years. And I decided to go back and look at some antique blocks and redesign them to fit the AccuQuilt GO! Mix & Match and Companion dies. And the blocks are wonderful! They are different! They are six-patch, not four-patch! And every quilter will have a unique set of blocks that she can call her own! I am so sew very excited that I want to make all of these blocks in many different colors and ways. It will be such fun to do this vicariously through all the participants in the QAL.

This quilt will be twelve blocks and will last about 12-15 weeks including making the blocks and adding the sashing and borders. The yardage will be the same as what has been posted. The quilt dimensions will vary slightly because the block sizes are different due to the change from four patch to six patch. An updated chart that includes the original yardage and with additional information about block sizes and sashing and border widths can be found here

Author: Marjorie Busby

My blog is about helping other quilters learn to use great tools in their quilting through what I can teach and through finding other bloggers who have good information. In addition, I am a mother and grandmother. Other hobbies include any other stitchery which makes me happy at the moment. I worked in clinical research for most of my career. I am now retired and enjoying every minute.

11 thoughts on “New QubeWorkout Sampler Quilt Starts Monday”

  1. This sounds like so much fun! I’m so happy I came across your site and great patterns Marjorie!
    I will be motivated not to sit, except at the sewing machine, and to stay up nights to quilt for customers! Just like Christmas, I will be checking under the tree, I mean under the computer lid hourly for this great gift!! Thank YOU !

  2. i Just joined. what size qube are you working with this time. I watched the progress from the last one and loved it.

    1. Hi Kelli, I somehow missed your comment last week. I am still working with the 8 inch Qube this time. It makes a 12″ block because this is a 6-patch, so I am pleased that it will make a bigger quilt.

  3. I just finished my first block on this new QAL. I am very excited because I saw all the blocks from the last QAL and wish I had not missed it.

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