Photos of Recent Quilts

It always amazes me how long it takes to take pictures of my quilts. I spent about 3 hours yesterday working on this. I have streamlined the way that I hang the quilts to take photos, and am lucky to have transoms between the openings from the breakfast room to the great room. But it still takes time.

My latest technique for photos is that I attached velcro to the ‘window’ frame so that the velcro isn’t visible except to a very tall person. I made a fabric strip with velcro to attach to that and then I just use florist pins to attach the quilt to the strip. Clear as mud? Here’s a picture, and it really does go much more quickly than anything else I’ve tried. But I still have to take the pictures, then go to the computer to make sure they’re what I want. Once that quilt leaves me, I don’t get another chance for pictures.

So, I have a slideshow of the things I’ve been making. The first is the Delectable Crystals – was Delectable Mountains – that I cut entirely using the Accuquilt GO die system. The next photo is a t-shirt quilt made from t-shirts my daughter got when she was a student at the NC School of the Arts and the School of American Ballet summer session in NY. The last quilt is a customer quilt which really turned out well. I did an overall edge to edge quilting on it. Hope you enjoy the show.

Tune in later for the instruction sheet for Delectable Crystals. I have instructions written up and will have them posted by the end of the day. I decided to make them into a downloadable pdf as opposed to a video. That is easier for many to work with, particularly those who have slow internet connections.

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Information on the quilts and quilting:

Delectable Crystals: I used two layers of batting, the first layer is Request weight Quilters Dream cotton and the top layer is Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom, Monopoly (Superior) thread with Magna-glide (Fil-Tec) bobbin. Backing is White Kona Cotton.

T-shirt quilt: I used Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom batting, Monopoly (Superior) thread with Aurifil 50 wt cotton in the bobbin. Backing is a 108″ wide Rain by Timeless Treasures.

9-Patch quilt: I used Select weight Quilter’s Dream cotton batting, Glide (Fil-Tec) thread on the top and Bottom Line (Superior) in the bobbin. Backing is 108″ wide Benartex.


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  1. Very pretty quilts. Like the feel of each quilt’s colors and placement. Did you do the quilting also? Either way, the quilting is awesome.

  2. I am looking into having a quilt made for my daughter’s high school graduation. She is a trained ballerina, started when she was 3, I have lots of photos, I wanted to have a simple ballet or pink background patter or solid or girly stripe to border around many, many photos. Can you tell me how much you would charge for approsimately 60 photos, in a full or queen size quilt? Thank you for any information you can provide. 🙂 Cathy Ellington 404-992-7509

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