Technology – the good and the not so good

I’ve been working every day this week to get instructions and video ready for the Delectable Crystals quilt. it’s such a quick and easy quilt to make and looks great; but explaining how it’s done is not quite so easy. I’ve made a video which is now 7 minutes long – much longer than I would probably watch. But there are lots more people in this world who are lots more patient than I am, so hopefully this will be worth it in the end. I also have some written instructions with illustrations, that are almost finished.

Why can’t you see all of this? Well, I’ve uploaded to youtube 3 times, and none of the times have worked. I upgraded my Nero Media software and the new interface is complicated–although much  more powerful, and the stars just aren’t aligned. I’m re-exporting into another file format this morning, and we’ll see what happens. So stay tuned!

And if you think I don’t have the patience to watch a 7 minute video, just think of my patience when waiting for exports that don’t work! LOL – as Mama Berenstain Bear always says, “Now let this be a lesson to you!”