QAL Fabric Selections

Several people have asked about fabric selections and whether to use prints or perhaps add another dark to the selection. I think it is completely up to the quilter. The connector block from the M&M Qube is shown below and perhaps that will be helpful to those who want to add another color. There are also some color combinations that may be helpful but as you know your color combinations are always more beautiful than the computer.

NOTE: The yardage chart is for three colors. If you use more colors you will need to adjust the yardage amounts yourself.

Connector Block – dark, medium, and light
Connector Block – dark, dark, and medium fabric colors
QUBE QAL – 3 fabrics – dark, medium, and light
QUBE QAL – connector block with 1 dark and 2 medium fabrics – 4 fabrics total
QUBE QAL Patriotic with 3 fabrics
QUBE QAL in pink colorway with 3 fabrics
QUBe QAL in pink colorway with 4 fabrics

8 Replies to “QAL Fabric Selections”

  1. Thank you for the color variations. I am going to do my connector blocks in a different dark and medium just because I am determined to use from my stash. My gd is going to teach me how to post on fb? and my daughter who lives in Texas (I live in okla)is going to do the qal with us so we are very excited to get started! Thank you so much for doing these QAL using the Qubes. I did the last one but was unable to post bc I couldn’t figure it out. And I purchased the broken dishes pattern from you but yet to do that one. I find you instructions very easy to follow. Thank you again and have a blessed day. Jo Beth

    1. Jo Beth, your comment warms my heart. I love the connections people make when they quilt. Technology is so wonderful these days in that we can talk to and see those who are far away and work together no matter the distance. My daughter who lives in Ohio – I’m in NC do so very many things together. How wonderful we don’t have to set timers so we don’t run up long distance charges. Can’t wait to see the things you make.

  2. I too am going to use fabric from my stash. I’ll pull it out today and see what I may need to supplement it in terms of the connector blocks, but we’ll see. I am also involved in some other BOM’s and hope that I don’t get too far behind. Ha Ha!

    1. Hi Jane, Hope you’ve seen the block I posted today and can join in. I think the blocks are simple enough that you can make them quickly. The trick to this QAL are the connector blocks that give it that “on point” appearance.

  3. As a newbie I’m trying to “see” the first block in the examples. But, I’m stumped. Can you post a picture outlining where it is in the overall design? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim, I am not sure what you are asking. Have you looked at the pattern for Block 1? I will post a picture of Block 1 beside the connector blocks in my blog post on Monday. Hopefully that will help. Block 1 is the first block in the upper left of the quilt. There are connector blocks on all four sides. I hope this helps.

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