Jan Feb 2022 Qube QAL Block 1

Block 1 is ready for you. Click the QAL on the menu at the top of the page to get to the QAL page.

Block 1 is a simple block, but color placement is the secret. You can use the dark-medium-light scheme in the instructions or you can mix it up. Any color wheel scheme will work. My suggestion is that your light not be too light and your dark not too dark. Since this block is made up of half square triangles, try turning the colors so they are the opposite and see how that looks. Play around with it.

Tips: Press seams open and use pins to match seams before sewing. I use a pin straight into both seams at the quarter inch mark to align the seams and then holding the aligned seams carefully, pin at an angle across and then remove the alignment pin. That works well for me and keeps me from sewing across pins and possibly hitting one with my needle.

Block 1 Flying Birds

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    1. Hi Jane, They will not be on the site throughout the year. We may do another QAL in the summer or Fall so these will only be on the site until we finish this one. Download them now if you aren’t participating and want to do them later.

  1. Still trying to figure out my qube size and fabric choices. If I wanted to make the 9 inch, how much medium and dark fabric would I need NOT including borders? Trying to figure out if I have enough from my stash to make the blocks and connectors and will then figure out border fabrics later. Thanks!

    1. For the 9″ Qube, it looks like 1-3/4 yards for the dark and 1-1/4 yards for the medium. But you can rearrange where the dark and medium are in any of the blocks and adjust your yardage.

  2. Here is my Block #1. I am just wondering … I normally press to the dark side and twirl the seams where they intersect so there is less bulk. Since your instructions said to press open, I did but I had a bit of trouble getting my seams to match perfectly. Is pressing the seams open your style, or is this what is recommended by Accuquilt? I think I will make a second block in another colorway and see which method looks best. I love the block. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Kathy, I am a pattern designer for AccuQuilt, and our standard is pressing seams open. It is hard to get them to match perfectly in the beginning, but practice really helps. Look at the tip I give in the blog post above and see if that helps.

    1. You will need to join the AccuQuilt Qube Facebook group and then join in the QAL. Please be sure to answer all questions or your membership will be declined.

    1. Hi Dominique, I see that you are a member of the AccuQuilt Qube Quilts Facebook group. The link is always posted on the group on Mondays (weather permitting) or you can click the QAL link on the blog menu at the top of the page.

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