QUBE QAL Block 2 Ribbons

Block 2 is available now and it is a lot of fun. Please read the information below before clicking on the QAL page link at the top of this page. I can tell by the questions that are asked on the Facebook Group that some readers don’t read this page first. I try to provide helpful information in these blog posts and that is why I link to the post rather than only the downloadable block patterns.

One of the first tips for this week’s block is about using the Shape 7 parallelogram from your Qube set. It can be a little confusing the first time you sew a parallelogram. The key to getting it right is to really look at the shape and to identify the long sides of the shape and the short sides of the shape. You are going to stitch the long side of the shape to the long side of a Shape 5 half square triangle. The short side just won’t fit and you’ll be very frustrated if you try.

Another tip for the Shape 7 parallelogram is that it is a directional shape. For this block you need both right and left parallelograms. The way to cut those is to fanfold the fabric on the shape.

One reader asked that I show a diagram of the quilt with the individual blocks separated. This is a new quilter and she was having a hard time visualizing where the blocks fit in the quilt. Here is that diagram. Block 1 is the upper left and Block 2 is the center block. The half blocks in the first border are not outlined.

Tomorrow I am going to post the pattern for the Connector Blocks. Some quilters will want to go ahead and make the connector blocks as they are making the individual blocks.

Here’s the QAL link again for those who don’t see it on the top menu.

Happy Quilting! 

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    1. Sharon, I’m not sure why it isn’t. Maybe your browser is blocking it for some reason. It comes up every time for me. Maybe you need to clear your cache. Keep trying and let me know if you still can’t get it.

    2. Click on the top of the page QUBE QAL January-February 2022 this opens it up. You shouldn’t have any problems then yo print it.

  1. Thank you for this page and excellent instruction. I am fairly new and appreciate having your expertise to learn from.

  2. Link to #2 not working for me. Don’t know where I messed up. Usually have no problems.
    Josie Tucker

  3. For those who say the link is not working – did you click on the menu at the top of the blog where it says QAL? That will take you to the QAL page where the links to instructions are located. The link to the instructions is on that page. I have reuploaded the instructions another time, please try again. It is better to download from a computer than a mobile phone.

  4. Your extra info on this page is very helpful. I’ve been quilting for a few years, but totally new to the CUBE.

    1. Hi Kathy, The Qubes are just as wonderful to us now as the rotary cutter was many years ago. I don’t think I could quilt without my Qube. It’s amazing how new tools are so helpful.

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