Delectable Crystals Video and Instructions

Getting this video finished and completing the instructions has taken a little over two weeks. Between new video editing software and babysitting a two year old while her sister had MRI’s and a lengthy trip to Boston for neurology consults. . . excuses, excuses. While I try to keep my videos really short, this one ended up at a little over six minutes even with lots of editing. If the video is too long for your attention span (I like ’em short), then written instructions are also included below. I hope you enjoy. And, as always, let me know if you have questions. I will also post this on the Facebook Accuquilt page for those who visit there often.

And now, I need to do some quilting.

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  1. Love your tutorial! This is a favorite style of quilt that I did many years ago. How do you mark your dies? It looks like you used a sharpie marker. Do you just take the pen and go down the die? I just have this sickening thought of messing the lines up and there’s nothing I can do about it. How do you decide where to put the extra lines to mark?

    Thanks so much


    1. Hi Bethany, For marking dies, I use a ruler and black or silver Sharpie marker. And yes, 😉 I have messed up the lines. They do fade over time if you use the die a lot, so you can re-mark them correctly the second time. I find it a lot harder to mark applique dies because it’s so hard to see the blade in the foam.

      To add the extra lines, think about fabric placement and where you would want to line things up – i.e., diagonal lines to match up corners and straight lines to match up edges. This week I actually thought about adding a parallel line outside the outer blade line which would help me be sure that I had covered the blade.

  2. When recutting the half square triangles, how far apart are the spaces? You have lines drawn, but don’t mention the size. What size quilt does the written directions make? Can it be larger? I felt some other information was missing, in order to use the Accuquilt GO as well as making this quilt. It is lovely, though.

    1. Hi Maryellen, the blocks finish at 6 inches and there are 8 blocks across and 8 down, so it finishes at approximately 48 inches without border and 52 inches with a border. Of course, quilting may make it a bit smaller. It can be larger, it’s just a matter of adding more blocks. If you have Electric Quilt software, you can draw the blocks in it fairly quickly and then play with the arrangements. I’m glad you like it. Let me know if you have more questions.

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