Tips on the Mosaic Block

Yesterday there were multiple questions about the directional nature of the parallelogram. And yes, it is directional as is the chisel. When you have a shape that is directional, the solution is to layer fabric with either right or wrong side facing up for cutting. NO FANFOLDING on directional dies unless the block has shapes that are mirror images.

My method for cutting the shapes so they match the pattern is to hold the die in my hand and compare it to the pattern. If the shape matches the pattern, cut with the right side of the fabric facing up and if the shape is a mirror image of the pattern, cut with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. With the parallelogram, be careful and remember that the long side of the parallelogram is where the half square triangles attach.

This quilt is from a blog I wrote in 2018 and has a chisel border with the blue and green chisels as mirror images.

Chisel Border with blue and green chisels as mirror images.

The same thing applies for applique dies. Almost always the applique dies are not symmetrical and must be cut in the direction that is on the pattern. And direction can be related to a lot of things. I know after I finished the Camper quilt, there were many comments that the door was on the wrong side of the camper. In our international quilting community I learned that in the US the door has to be on the outside for safety reasons. We would never want to open the door into traffic. Likewise in the UK and other countries the door has to be  on the opposite side (like my quilt) for the same reason. Here’s a picture of my ‘European’ oriented campers. I did go back and update the embroidery designs so that there are campers oriented in both directions. You will also see that in the Northwoods embroidery on this quilt that the bears and moose are directional and are stitched in opposite directions.

And a quick note to the many who have written asking where the QAL patterns are. Please see the menu at the top of this blog page. There is a menu item that says “QUBE QAL”. Click on the words QUBE QAL and it will take you to the page with all the patterns and instructions for yardage. If you bookmark that page, you can always go directly to the QAL patterns.  If you stop at the blog first, you will find helpful tips. The QAL patterns will be removed after the QAL, so go ahead and download and save them on your computer now.