Pinwheels and Borders QAL Post #1

We are starting a new QAL on the AccuQuilt Qube Facebook Page. The information for fabric yardage and quilt specifications is given today. Please READ CAREFULLY and choose your fabric carefully. Be sure you purchase enough fabric based on the Qube size you plan to use. And purchase extra if you’re not sure how you want to make this. It is a mystery with one part given each week.

For this QAL we’re doing a Row Quilt and working on using our Qubes to create not only blocks but also quilt borders. There will be four rows that are “borders”. There are three rows of blocks. Please click the image below or the menu above to go to the QAL Page.

Pinwheels and Borders QAL


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  1. Good morning and thank you for starting up the new QAL so quickly. I got my last one to the LAQ on Saturday. I didn’t have enough to do the borders per the pattern so it finished at 77×77, which was big enough. I absolutely loved that quilt pattern and plan to make it again. It is for my granddaughters wedding this summer.
    My grandson is in a serious relationship and his favorite color is blue so this one is designated for him. And I’m going to the quilt shop and buy more than enough fabric!! I like the mystery quilt idea too. Have a blessed day and sharing your talents with the accuquilt quilters is so appreciated. Jo Beth

    1. Hi Jo, Can’t wait to see what you create. And I am so happy that you finished this last one and it’s already being quilted. I still have rows to sew together and then quilting.

  2. Thanks for the information. I find these QAL’s so inspiring. I’ll be a bit behind as I’m having a shoulder operation on 29 April. Can’t wait to start. Might have to get the hubby involved. Dianne Geelong Australia

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