Block 3 Pinwheel 4-Patch is ready to stitch

The block for this week is a Pinwheel set in a 4-Patch and this will complete the first row of pieced blocks. Now we have a border row and a row of pieced blocks. It’s really optional as to whether you want to put this row together with sash or wait until you have more parts of this quilt.

Instructions for cutting all the parts are included in the instructions this week and also the same information is in the original instructions for layout and yardage. This is a picture of where you are right now.

Click a picture below or follow the links on the menu at the top of the blog page to find the instructions for download.

Block 3 Pinwheel 4-Patch
QAL showing Ribbon Border and Blocks 2 and 3 set in quilt

Tomorrow – 5/17 – AccuQuilt is introducing some new dies. I am excited because I got to try out one of the dies back in January and it is so much fun. Here’s a link to the signup.

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  1. Absolutely love the quilt you did for the 5″ qube premiere. Will you be posting these blocks? Or selling the pattern. This would be my excuse for purchasing the 5″. But I could do it out of 6& 12″.

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