Snail’s Trail Quilts with a Twist

Last week I uploaded some instructions for creating the Snail’s Trail blocks using the AccuQuilt GO! BOB Snail’s Trail as well as instructions for making the Snail’s Trail in any size using the AccuQuilt GO! QUBE system. There are so many fun quilts that can be made using the Snail’s Trail as a “connector” or “chain” block. And when you look at these quilts I created in Electric Quilt 8, you will see that it’s all about color. Choose your colors, cut your shapes, lay them out on a felt block board and stitch.

The Storm at Sea Snail’s Trail uses the SAS shapes as sashing. The Snail’s Trail Stars use alternating Snail’s Trail and Star blocks. Here are some ideas.

Snail’s Trail and Storm at Sea
Snail’s Trail and Storm at Sea Variation
Snail’s Trail and Storm at Sea set on Point
Snail’s Trail and Shoo Fly Block
Snail’s Trail and Star block made with Kite die from Angles Qube
Snail’s Trail made with a Star BOB set on point
Snail’s Trail made with a Triangle in a Square star set on point


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    1. Hi Kathleen, that’s exactly how I feel but it would be a very long endeavor, and I’m not up to that. I think I would like to make the first or second one though.

    1. Hi Lorna, Thanks – I have seen so many variations browsing the Internet and it’s nice to know we can make these with our AccuQuilt dies.

  1. Beautiful quilts! Are you going to post the instructions for any or all of them?

    1. Hi Catherine, I would love to do that but am very committed right now to some other projects. Stay tuned, maybe I will write the instructions for one or two of them.

  2. Wow!! So much work went into this weeks blog! Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas.

    1. Hi Cathy, Connector blocks are my thing and I do think the Snail’s Trail is one of the best. Instead of video games or knitting, I play by creating virtual quilts.

  3. These are beautiful! I’ve been on the fence about getting the Snail’s trail BOB but You have pushed me off the fence! What size did you use with the Storm At Sea BOB?

    1. I would also like a print out of the 2 top quilts with the snail’s trail and storm at sea. If the pieces were marked would be perfect!

    2. The Snail’s Trail BOB is 8″ finished and the Storm at Sea BOB is 9″ so you would have to use one or the other with the Qube dies to make any of the quilts above.

      1. Thank you. Sounds a little more than I would be able to figure ou5 on my own.

  4. I was so surprised to see all the variations. Thank you so much for all your work and beautiful patterns. I don’t have the Bob but always loved the look of the Storm as Sea. Now I am motivated to make one with my cube!

    1. Hi Suzanne, it’s too bad the Snail’s Trail BOB is a different finished size than the SAS BOB, but having the Qubes in every size means we can make blocks to match either BOB.

  5. Thanks again Majorie. Wondering if you plan to post the directions for these variations of snails trail. Thanks so much!

  6. Instructions for one or two of them would be great. I have the 9” cube and the SAS BOB so maybe I can figure out how to do it myself. My biggest problem is figuring out how much fabric I need. LOL. Thank you for all you do

    1. Hi Catherine, instructions and writing a pattern take weeks and testing, etc. So, for now, the free block patterns that are in the Links is what I have. Those blocks have been stitched and tested and work. When my long list of commitments is done, I will try to make a pattern.

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