Snail’s Trail Quilt with Block Layout

Someone asked yesterday for the block layout on the Snail’s Trail virtual quilts that I posted yesterday. It’s especially hard to add the block layout on the Storm at Sea quilts because the sashing and cornerstones are actually the Storm at Sea shapes and EQ doesn’t give me the option for dark outlines. However, if you look closely, I think you will see them. You can also click on the pictures to see a larger image.

I know many want a “pattern” but this takes so much time in writing and testing that it’s not something I can do for free. The individual block patterns can be done fairly quickly, and I am happy to offer the information for constructing a block as a printout (see the Free Patterns and How-to list on the right). And I will work on creating patterns using AccuQuilt dies and the Qubes for a couple of these at a later time as many seem to want a pattern.

Snail’s Trail with Storm at Sea Sashing and border.
Snail’s Trail with Storm at Sea Sashing set on point
Storm at Sea with Star Blocks – set on point


12 Replies to “Snail’s Trail Quilt with Block Layout”

  1. That is awesome to offer us a printout! I’d love to have one. These quilt patterns are beautiful!

  2. I like both quilts. But they are so, so far down on my bucket list. I might do them a block at a time. A print out would help me to break the design down; as they look very complicated; but I know they are not. Thank you,

    1. Hi Denise, They’re on my bucket list too but not at the very top. The printouts are right here. All you have to do is click the link and print.

  3. Thank you so much for helping us see the possibilities when using our Accuquilt cutting systems. Your directions are clear and concise, and I love all the places you send my imagination!

  4. It is awesome you do all this for us, we know it takes so much time! We should be able to figure them out from your pictures, ourselves, or we can buy a pattern when you have one available. Thanks for all you do!!!

    1. Hi Kathy, You are right – it takes time and while I would love to give everything away – I also appreciate the knowledge that what I do has value. So, for me, it’s a matter of half and half. I know that many can take a block and then run with it while others need a full pattern. I buy patterns from time to time and I figure out my own quilts the rest of the time. Often someone else’s quilt or quilt block is just enough to send me on a creative journey.

  5. These are so great! The photos are so detailed, I am sure I can break down the components to make my own. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Christine, And that is what I love – that many quilters can just take the picture and run with it. Enjoy playing with this and hopefully make a quilt when you can.

  6. Do you get a commission from Accuquilt if we buy though a link from you? You should!

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