QAL Roundup

Monday and seems strange not to be posting a new block today. So I went to FB and downloaded some pictures of quilts that are in progress or just finished from the Photo Album on the Qube FB Page. These are wonderful quilts. Some are still in progress and final pics haven’t been posted but they are turning out so beautifully that I had to go ahead and post them.




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  1. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! Same quilt, so many variations, I love them all!!!!

    1. Thank you for the design. Also seeing the finished quilts is a great help for me choosing the sashing fabric. The entire experience has been fun.

      1. Hi Josephine, You are quite welcome. I love seeing all the different quilts. And yes, sashing can really change how a quilt looks. Can’t wait to see yours finished.

  2. Lovely quilt show. Thanks for gathering them together in one place. My top is done and hanging up waiting for pin basting. I have been sick with pnemonia all week or I might have taken a photo. I still may do that soon.

  3. Love seeing different color combos – it is always helpful to plan projects!

    1. Hi Debbie, It truly is fun to see the different color combinations. And some of them look so beautiful and I would never think to combine the fabrics. There are some very creative people in this world.

  4. They are all so beautiful – I love all the different colors – you guys did a fabulous job.

  5. So much fun to see these all in one post. I just love the variations. Such creativity! Thanks for posting these.

  6. Thank you doing this. We know it is a lot of work, but we have enjoyed it so much I’m sure we would love to do it again.

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