Connector Quilt Blocks – for 6″ and smaller blocks

For those who know the way I like to design quilts, you will know that most often I use a pretty block like a star and use a connector block to frame it. As I was working on a single Irish chain this week which is just a a simple 9 patch block alternated with plain blocks, I thought about the chain connector blocks. And one of the nice things about using a nine patch connector block is that the standard AccuQuilt built block is a 4 x 4 patch block. Thus there are no matching seams between blocks on a quilt like this. You can see in this example.  And so long as the connector block and the pieced block are the same size, it stitches together quickly.

However, mixing 9 patch and 4 x 4 patch blocks is not always easy because the math doesn’t add up. So I have been working on ways to make these blocks using the Qubes and making them fit the Qube sizes which are 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 9″, 10″, and 12″.

The 6″ nine patch block above that you see uses a four patch in the corner that has 1″ finished squares and the center is a 2-1/2″ square. The smaller four patch gives the “framing” space needed around the pieced 4 x 4 patch block.

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  1. Interesting and informational. There is so much to learn and your posts really help. Like the combination of those two blocks.

  2. I really like something like that rather than sashing. Of course I have only done sashing so you’ve given me some help to try something new!! Thanks for all your posts.

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