Patience Corners

I have been working on instructions for one of my favorite quilts. The first time I saw this pattern, it was on a bed at my Mom’s house. She said she made it as part of a block exchange. I have been making it ever since. This new method incorporates the Accuquilt GO and uses only the 6 1/2 inch die. It is very similar to the Disappearing Nine Patch method that we have all come to enjoy making. Somehow, though, Patience Corners is dearer to my heart.

Here’s a picture of a Patience Corner that my mother made and I quilted and here’s the link to the instructions on Scribd.

Patience Corners

Author: Marjorie Busby

My blog is about helping other quilters learn to use great tools in their quilting through what I can teach and through finding other bloggers who have good information. In addition, I am a mother and grandmother. Other hobbies include any other stitchery which makes me happy at the moment. I worked in clinical research for most of my career. I am now retired and enjoying every minute.

8 thoughts on “Patience Corners”

  1. Love how the instructions are so clear, and love that it’s in Scribd. Can’t wait to make this one. Your blog is one of my favorites! You definitely have the heart of a teacher. Thanks.

    1. I hope the instructions are always clear – anytime you have a question about what I have written – or a better way to do something, please let me know. If you make this quilt and finish, send me a photo and I’ll post it.

  2. Nice quilting, Marjorie! Did you do it yourself, and if so, I’d love to hear your technique. I really like this block…you could really take it different places with fabric choice etc. Thanks!

    1. I have a longarm machine – it is a Nolting. I don’t do a lot of quilting for others, just primarily for my Mom, myself, and a good friend. I agree, this block could be set a number of ways. I use Electric Quilt software and love to play with things like that.

    1. Janet, it is. As I have mentioned, I haven’t really had a problem with cutting discrepancies based on grainline. The fact that i almost always use batik fabric is probably the reason. It has so little give in either direction, that it is always like cutting on the lengthwise grain. Because of our discussion, I will be much more careful when making baby quilts because I do use quilting fabric for them.

  3. Our Healing Hugs quilting group is using the Patience Corner pattern for our next project.
    I need the instructions and can’t seem to pull them up.
    Can you help?


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