Four Patch Tessellation with a Chisel

Yesterday I was playing around with a tessellation with a four patch block of squares and half square triangles. After stitching it together, it made more sense to simplify the block. There are several ways to simplify it, but in order to get the tessellation, the quilt layout has to be a “vertical half block drop” layout. After trying several different configurations using the Signature Block shape and the chisel in a couple of different configurations, a final half block configuration was chosen. And actually, if you wanted to make this as a quilt in the simplest configuration, you could use the Signature Block shape as well as the chisel shape. And, as the saying goes, “not to shoe the goose” or “plow the sand”, but here are some of the options.

This is the quilt that is a true tessellation and is the final result of these blocks. The blocks can be made several different ways.

This is the original four-patch block:


This is the four patch block modified by combining a square and half square triangle into the chisel shape. This block is also the half drop shape that would begin every other column on the quilt.

Twist Tessellation using Chisel Shape

This is a rectangular block using the half-drop as the right hand half of the block. This would work for those who like to make square blocks.

Twist Tessellation as Square Block Using Chisel Shape

This is the rectangular block using the signature shape in the center. However, one would have to add a half drop block on every other column of the quilt.

Twist Tessellation as Rectangular Block Using Signature Shape

I’m not sure how I would make this, but am thinking about playing around with the 4″ or 5″ Qube to make a miniature version of this just for fun. How would you make this?

4 Replies to “Four Patch Tessellation with a Chisel”

  1. So cute and original Marjorie! Thank you for sharing! The red and white blocks remind me of our flag waving in the breeze! I’ve had patriotic on my mind for awhile.

    1. Hi Julia, Thank you. I like the image of the flag waving in the breeze. I turned the shapes sideways and it looks like little birds sitting in a row. Tessellations are so much fun.

  2. This is very cool. I think a miniature version using the 4-inch cube would be cute. Hmm, another project to add to my list.

    1. Hi Donna, I started making some 4″ blocks. I was surprised that they take as much time as larger blocks. I rarely make small quilts, but have so many quilts here that I have been thinking of making small miniatures since we have the 4″ and 5″ Qubes now.

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