A Butterfly Block from the Past

As I sat this morning, my eyes rested on the beautiful butterfly wall hanging that I created 30 years ago and wondered whether it could be made with an AccuQuilt Qube. This wall hanging was created in the days of plastic templates and rotary cutting and before longarm quilting machines were readily available. The original does not bear close inspection as the piecing is fine, but the quilting leaves a lot to be desired and the entire background is unquilted. However, it hangs above my mantle and the colors and butterflies give me great pleasure.

The block is drawn in EQ8 and my original block was made as a finished 6″ block. Using the AccuQuilt Qube system, I have drawn it as 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ finished blocks. The 6″ block requires some rotary cutting but the others can all be made using the 4″/8″ combination, the 5″/10″ combination, and the 6″/12″ combination Mix & Match Qubes. The antennae are embroidered and in the original blocks I used a stem stitch on my sewing machine and pulled the ends of the threads to the back and tied them so they would not come undone. You can find the cutting diagrams from EQ here.

This is one of the blocks from the original wall hanging.

And this is the block from EQ8.

Marjorie’s Butterfly from EQ

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  1. This a great block. Thank you! So simple when someone else figures it out but intriguing to think about the fabrics that will make it “fly”.

    1. Hi Karon, I agree that it’s a great block. And I think it could be made with some wonderful fabrics. I used a lot of teal batiks and the background had some rosy pinks mixed with the teals. Those rosy pinks really make it beautiful, especially with a spotlight on it. Would love to see it in some 30’s fabrics or bright clear sherbet colors.

  2. I love this! My goal is to make my blocks from my cubes and not buy all of the BOB dies. I don’t have room and we are considering going full time in our RV. Downsizing is in my future!
    Thank You for your patterns and help. You are an angel!

    1. Hi Janet, I am like you about using my Qubes. I’ve been downsizing a bit too, but still have a lot of BOBs. Some of them like the Hunter’s Star are so nice and not too big. It really surprised me that I could make this block with the Qube. It took so much rotary cutting to make the originals. Now, I want to try it again.

  3. I would love to see the full quilt you made. The block is lovely. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

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