Morning Star Labor Day Project

We are so excited to have a day off this week. After just one week of school, a day  off is just what the doctor ordered. The children have all come home with colds (yes colds – not covid) and have shared them with us. And while there are a thousand things on the to do list, an escape to sewing a whole new project is good medicine.

A few weeks ago the Morning Star BOB die arrived and while we made a test block, a wall hanging has been percolating in the back of my mind. After a session with EQ and drafting several options, I sat down and started a new project. Although the AccuQuilt Contemporary pattern is one of my favorites, I wanted to do something a little different but along the same themes. This is where that idea landed. Because this is a 12″ finished block, it means the “wall hanging” will be 40″ square. It will require a bigger wall than the ideas in my head.

Morning Star Quilt

Yesterday I drafted the instructions for myself and then proceeded to cut and make all the different subunits for these blocks. This is the progress:

Five different subunits for the blocks
Block 1
Block 2

The blocks are so easy to cut because there are only two different shapes – the triangles and the corners. And the triangles are set on the board so that one pass cuts 36 triangles. That’s wonderful when you need as many as 124 which was the most needed of any color triangle. Four passes cuts 144 triangles – isn’t that wonderful?

It’s a busy day ahead with a binding and label to finish, calculating yardage and instructions for the QAL as well as putting these blocks together.

Happy Labor Day to you. I hope you’re either outside enjoying the last of summer with family and friends or stitching away in your happy place.


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    1. Hi Jan, I went to EQ and added blocks, but found that it was just too busy. I would suggest to make it larger that you add some borders with some of the Qube shapes. I think a Trapezoid border would be beautiful around it. You might look at my Sparkling Star quilt on the AccuQuilt website which has a fairly wide border with the Trapezoid shape.

  1. That’s a wonderful design. I have that die and have never used it. I think it’s time to get it out

  2. I love this quilt. It looks like I can make it using my qube and corners etc… Would I use the 12 inch qube since it makes a 12 inch block? Is this quilt going to be the quilt-a-long? I really do like it. Thanks for posting your creation!

  3. Hi Brenda, this quilt is definitely not the QAL quilt. I don’t know what size quilt block the shapes from the 12″ Qube would make. You would just have to play around with it and see what works. You could do it with paper if you don’t have some fabric you want to use up as a trial.

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