Sister’s Choice Quilt

For the Fall 2022 QAL we’re going to be making a quilt with a layout similar to this but this quilt is NOT what we will be doing for the QAL. This layout will be a template for you to make quilts with many different blocks and it is an easy way to make a larger quilt quickly.

I made this quilt in 2016 for my sister. The blocks finish at 12″ but that is with the added background fabric coping strips around each block to give more negative space for quilting. The outer border uses log cabin blocks.

Look in the side bar free patterns section for more information on how this quilt was made.  I used several different Qubes to make this. The Sister’s Choice block is not a 4×4 patch like the Qube blocks so it finished at 7-1/2″ and the coping strips I added made it a 12″ block. This quilt used the 6″ Mix & Match Qube, the 8″ Mix & Match Qube, and the log cabin die as well as some coping strips cut with a rotary cutter.

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  1. I love the pattern. I have the 4, 8, and 12 inch cubes. Will they work to follow your next project? My quilting friend and I enjoyed the last 2 and are looking forward to the next one.

    1. The 4 and 8″ Qubes work well together and the 6 and 12″ Qubes work well together. For the one for my sister I did some extra calculations and used the 6, 8, and 12″ Qubes. The plans I have for the QAL won’t be quite as complicated for the accent blocks as the three flying geese on the Sister’s Choice quilt, but you certainly could use that template for the accent blocks if you wanted and it would be the 8 and 12″ together. Hope what I just said actually makes sense to you.

  2. I enjoy your QAL so much. Looking forward to the Sisters Quilt and that is who I will gift mine too! I have the 10″ and 5″ cubes. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  3. Thank you for doing this block. The Sister’s Block has long been on my bucket list, since I read all the books by Emilie Richards. The log cabin is not my cup of tea; as I was forced to make one in a class and I cannot grasp the concept of colors; unless I copy someone else’s color way. I ordered the book; Circle of Nine to give me some other options.

    1. Hi Denise, This is NOT the quilt that we will do for the QAL, but an example of what can be done with the layout that we will use for the QAL. The Sister’s Choice block is available as the free pattern but will not be one of the QAL blocks. I love log cabins and often use them as borders. When you make a quilt, you can border it any way you choose.

    1. Hi Janet, This is NOT the QAL quilt. It is a quilt I made several years ago and uses a similar layout. You can use any size Qube you want and we will NOT be using the log cabin die. I certainly did not mean to confuse you by showing this quilt.

        1. Janet, the instructions for this quilt are listed under free patterns and the dies you have will make this quilt. Your dies will also make the QAL quilt we are starting next week.

  4. I can hardly wait to start this QAL…this quilt is lovely…I have the cubes and log cabin die…how fun to use a variety of AccuQuilt…thank you Marjorie…

    1. Hi Phyllis, As I said above, this is NOT the QAL quilt. Sister’s Choice is a quilt I designed and made in 2016. It is similar to the layout we will use for the QAL quilt but all of the blocks are different and the log cabin die is NOT a part of the QAL quilt. I am sorry to have caused the confusion. It was a mistake on my part to post this quilt. If you want to make this quilt, follow the instructions listed under Free Patterns here on the blog, but just know this is not what we will be doing for the QAL. Mea Culpa!

  5. I’m excited about this QAL. I’ve had two serious injuries this year and my body has healed enough to get some serious quilting done. I love this pattern.

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