Fall 2022 QAL Week #3 Depression Era Block

Today’s block is similar to one we did last January, but this time there are half square triangles on the corners. And please note that the corners are different. There are two color variations in the four half square triangles. This is important because it makes the design flow block to block in the next set of blocks. So think about those half square triangles and the smaller triangle colors for the Airplane block which is coming up next.

I’m traveling today, so won’t be able to answer questions until the late afternoon. Hope you get this block and have fun. Click on the block to get the instructions.

Block 2 Depression Era Block

6 Replies to “Fall 2022 QAL Week #3 Depression Era Block”

  1. Hi, this is the first time doing a sew along and using my 12” block. got block 1 and 3. But not block 2. how can I get it. Thank you

    1. Hi Dee, I’m not sure why you’re having trouble with the FB group. The newest installment is always linked in a post under Featured at the top of the page. Of course, that link takes you to the page here and I sometimes write tips here too, so it’s good to check the blog. However, I would really appreciate your posting your blocks and your progress on the FB page. It makes the QAL much more interactive with other quilters.

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