Putting it Together with Block 2 of the Fall 2022 QAL

One of the things we enjoy most as quilters is putting the blocks together into a layout to be able to see our progress. With this QAL, we will be on Block 4 before we can begin to stitch some of the rows together. If you have a design wall, you can begin to lay out the blocks there. If you don’t have a design wall, there is another option that has worked well for me.

The alternate option is to get a flannel backed vinyl/plastic table cloth that is often use outdoors for picnics and use the flannel side to lay out your blocks. The nice thing about this is that you can lay it out on your bed, on the floor, or thumbtack it to your wall. When you put it away, it is easy to roll/fold it and the vinyl side will keep your blocks from shifting on the flannel.

For this QAL, the layout is seen below with Blocks 1 and 2 in place.  You can begin to see how it is coming together.

5 Replies to “Putting it Together with Block 2 of the Fall 2022 QAL”

  1. Thank you for these suggestions about the layout. Can you please make the picture a PDF so it will be printable.
    Thank you for all of your help.

    1. if you right click, you can open the image in a new tab, then hit Print (or control P depending on your computer) and then when you print the page, choose pdf rather than your printer. And now you have a pdf!

      1. Thank you for the explanation. The only other thing I will add is that when you get ready to print if the image is smaller than you would like, all you have to do is go to “other settings” in the print dialog and increase the size of the image. It’s a great way to print anything you like as a pdf.

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