Wednesday WIP – a Unicorn Nap Quilt

My granddaughter is in 4-year old preschool and the students have a short naptime every day. She is an avid unicorn fan so what could be better than a unicorn nap quilt. I purchased Elizabeth Hartman’s unicorn pattern a couple of years ago and am using that to make the center block of the quilt. It is not a hard pattern and is well written.

This is very different than my usual die cut quilts. There are so many different size pieces that it work much better to rotary cut all the pieces. The charts in the pattern help with keeping all the pieces straight.  I decided to cut four blocks rather than just one and stacked the pieces. It did require my labeling them with stickers to keep everything straight. It would probably be better to go ahead and lay them out on a board rather than stacking them. This is the pattern I am using.

The original plan was to use AccuQuilt letters to spell her name, but I decided to use the alphabet from my Floriani software and do large letters with it. This is my progress thus far. I did purchase some embroidery from Embroidery Library to make small unicorns on either side of her name. And of course this will need some additional borders for width and length. The center block is 26″ square and the name border is 5″ finished, so I have to come up with either some blocks or borders to finish this quilt.

I am using Moda Grunge for the background and batiks for the unicorn. Have you made any of Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns? I really think the blue and gray backgrounds are nice and have better contrast with the unicorn. What would your favorite color for a background be?

Unicorn with embroidery name

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  1. Oh my gosh your Unicorn quilt is absolutely adorable. I bet your Granddaughter is the envy of all her classmates for having the best quilt/blanket for nap time. I love it! And she is adorable too!

  2. Hi Darlene, We think she’s pretty cute too, of course we’re biased. I made nap quilts with names for the other two youngest grandchildren so thought this would be good for her.

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