Fall QAL Week 5 – Accent Blocks

This is a big week because we are going to tackle Accent Blocks. These are what I would call “Inside Border Blocks” and they are half the size of a regular block. The following image shows a diagram with the Accent blocks identified. We will spend this week and next week on these Accent Blocks. Next week we will add the small corner blocks. Then the only thing left will be to add a solid border and finish your quilt.

Click on QAL at the top of the page and you will find the instructions.

Diagram Showing Accent Blocks

I have written instructions and diagrams for some simple Accent Blocks and also for two blocks that are for more experienced quilters. In addition, the instructions include images of the overall layout with the different Accent Blocks. Please read the instructions all the way through. Ask questions in the AccuQuilt Qube Facebook group if there is anything you do not understand.

I can’t wait to see what you do with these blocks.

4 Replies to “Fall QAL Week 5 – Accent Blocks”

  1. I want to start this and yet so much to do this fall. Is there a pattern that I can get so I can pre- cut the blocks and sew them as I travel? Is there an EQ8 file to try my fabrics out to see the results? Thank you!

    1. Hi Karen, The pattern is available for download. Just click on QAL on the top menu. I will take it down before long, so please go ahead and download it. The pattern includes coloring pages so all you need is a set of markers to preview colors. Good luck with stitching as you travel.

  2. I love and enjoy all of your quilt-alongs! Having a problem printing the Accent Block instructions = Block 5 – of the Fall 2022 quilt. Please help! One of my favorites!

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