Fall 2022 QAL – EQ8 Custom Set

I saved the EQ8 Custom layout for the Fall 2022 QAL and uploaded the EQ8 file to the “Files” Section of the AccuQuilt Qube Facebook Group. I have hesitated to do that because using Custom Set is a great tool in EQ8, but IMHO isn’t always intuitive and requires experience with the software. My recommendation is that when you open the file, first save the layout to your layout library so that you always keep the original file.

This is how to save a Custom Set to your Layout Library:

Select Libraries in the Main Menu and in the dropdown menu, select Layout Library…

In the Popup Menu, select Current Sketchbook from the Menu on the left. Select the Layout that appears on the right. In the lower left menu, select Copy.

In the Popup Menu, select “My Favorite Layouts“. Select a Style and right click. In the Popup box that appears on the right, type in the name of the style. Click OK.

Select the new Style that you named, select Paste from the Lower Menu. When the Layout appears on the right, select Save Library and click OK in the popup box that tells you the Layout has been saved.

To resize your Layout, check your Quilt Worktable Settings as shown below:

In the top menu, select Quilt and in the dropdown menu, select Quilt Worktable Options.

In the Quilt Worktable Options menu, select All Styles under Layout Options. Be sure that the option “Maintain existing block sizes when resizing layout.” is UNCHECKED.

To resize your Layout, click Layout in the top menu. Calculate the new size of your quilt by calculating the width and height of the finished block sizes in the Center Rectangle of the Custom Layout quilt.

Pay attention to the boxes in the menu that are marked as shown. Check or uncheck as needed.

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