A little more about Shiva Paintstiks and Pentel fabric pastels

I talked a little bit about Shiva Paintstiks the other day and want to give you a little more information. I have no affiliation other than being a satisfied customer. These oil Paintstiks can be used directly to make rubbings, with stencil brushes and stencils, or used as if they were a large crayon. The colors can be blended on a palette and then applied, they can be applied thickly as a solid color, or in a thin coat as sheer color. I have often used the lighter tints to lighten up a patch in a block when the contrast was not what I wanted it to be.

The Cedar Canyon website has a wealth of information about how to use Shiva Paintstiks, some fun projects, tips for success, and other FAQs. These oil paints are the only ones that are specifically made for fabric, and there is a complete article on the website which explains how they are made with a lower linseed oil composition to work specifically on fabric.

Another product I have used that I really like are the Pentel fabric pastels. Their website also has information about these. Using these pastels is more limited than the Paintstiks. The fabric pastels are crayon like, but work extremely well in some situations. The project photos below show a flower that I colored with fabric pastels and then quilted with metallic thread.

I do have one tip related to freezer paper stencils. I have found that if you press on the fabric side, after you have first adhered the freezer paper stencil to the fabric, that the stencil sticks better. Now, I wonder if you could stick two layers of freezer paper together and then press from the fabric side to make it really adhere. Sounds like an experiment to do today. I’m still babysitting – do you think a 2 year old can use Paintstiks or fabric pastels — NO! she will definitely get her own fabric and the Crayola fabric crayons.