Christmas Ornament Quilt Blocks

This morning I took EQ8 for a spin after seeing some cute quilt blocks on Pinterest. These are all universal quilt blocks so my mission was to see if I could use the AccuQuilt Qube to make these. As it turns out, a 9″ finished block is just perfect to be able to use the 6″ Qube. I used both the Mix & Match and the Companion Qubes. I could have made a lot more, but had fun doing these. The Adobe pdf file is shown below so that you can download instructions for four of the blocks. If you are a member of the Facebook group – AccuQuilt Qube Quilts – you will find the EQ8 file there.

12 Replies to “Christmas Ornament Quilt Blocks”

      1. Thank you very much. The ornament designs are so cute and it is very generous of you to share them with us. Have a blessed holiday and a very Merry Christmas..

  1. Thank you Marjorie!! This will be a great project for me to start in January to ensure it’s ready for next Christmas. May I ask the finished size of the one above?

    1. Hi Cheryl, I saw similar ones on Pinterest but it’s too late for this Christmas. Maybe we can work on these in January and get a head start for next year. The block sizes are 9″ finished, but use a 6″ Qube.

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