You Can Quilt That Out (video)

Another longarm quilter put this video by Mavis Rosbach at Quiltbird Studio on Facebook, and I thought it was so funny and it happens every day; so I just had to share. Hope this gives everyone a chuckle. We’ve all had quilts that were just a bit wonky. It’s amazing what can be quilted out.

My most famous one is the “Lady of the Lake” quilt that my Mother made. She was having a stroke as she finished it and her vision was not good. Many of the pieces have the white fabric turned to the wrong side and there were lots of D cups on that one. I put so many stitches in that thing that no one will ever tell. It also won a ribbon at the guild show.

Here’s a picture.

Now, here’s the video:

edit: Lyrics by Cathy Miller, Video by Mavis Rosbach

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  1. Oh my! This is so adorable! I just LOVE it!! You made my day!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for reminding us that laughter is a great answer for most any frustration. Great job!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It is so professional and should be shown at EVERY longarm gathering. Great way to get everyone laughing!

  4. It brought a smile to my face and almost a tear as well when it made the comment about how all the clients see is a work of art. I make personalized picture quilts for loved ones and every one that I do, all I see is the flaws but they are always received with joy and appreciation at the love that went into them. I am finally starting to accept that the mistakes are what show how much love and personal touch goes into each quilt.

    For the record, it takes me 3-6 months to complete a quilt from the initial designing to the final stitch. I did one of a field of potatoes with dark brown dirt and a bright yellow sun in the blue sky for my uncle who is a Florida potato farmer when he was diagnosed with ALS. And I recently finished one of a house for my dearest friend’s housewarming. Once I have delivered it to her, I will post pics on my site (don’t want to give away the surprise till she has seen it. šŸ™‚ ).

  5. The funniest quilt video I think that I’ve seen and just toooo true. Thanks for the chuckle

  6. I am still crying from laughing so much. I will give a nickel for everytime I hear that. Thank you I loved it.

  7. Oh my goodness how cute was that music video!! Thank you for sharing and making me smile and laugh.

    Blessings and happy squared up quilts quilting.

  8. That was too funny. I would almost like my customers to see that, but I don’t think they would understand.
    Thank you, and may all your tops be flat.

  9. I loved it and have only watched it about 10 times tonight. I am in the middle of loading a quilt on the frame that I just finished piecing and will probably have nightmares all night. Thank goodness I only had B cups on my last star quilt. LOL Thanks for a good laugh.

  10. I so enjoyed your blog, or this site..grin..I enjoyed the video as it reminds me as to those that I have quilted. I feel it is up to the quilter to bring the joy to the piecer by hiding their mistakes, it is a test of our talents..grin..mistakes are something we all make and learn from..the song was so nice to laugh with..thank you. I sent it to those that love quilting/piecing..thanks, Jabner

  11. Thanks for the good LOL! Very cleverly written and well made. Like most quilters you are talented in many ways.

    1. Hi Rebecca, The lyrics were written by Cathy Miller and the video recorded by Mavis Rosbach. I just happened to see it on FB and thought others would enjoy. I’ve watched it several times myself. I love it too. They did a great job with this.

  12. Cathy Miller has several CD’s all containing funny, moving and historical folk songs pertaining to quilting.

    Great video!!


  13. Hilarious! I am glad to see that others longarm quilters get these quilts to “quilt that out”, too!!

  14. Love it!!! I am still LOL whenever I think about it. How can I save it so I can play it over and over when I have too many D cups seismic valleys????

    1. Contact Mavis at and she can tell you whether you can have a download. I didn’t see a way to download it from Youtube. Marjorie

  15. I just found these wonderful(!) comments about my video using Cathy Miller’s fantastic song: ‘You Can Quilt That Out’.
    You all have made MY day! I so love working with my clients to make their hard work look the best it can…but I didn’t show anyone outside my longarm business class (which was why I made the video–to set my students and me at ease!) for almost 2 years! I was so afraid my clients would think I was making fun of their quilts! Oh! NO! That’s not it… So it was with a bit of fear-of-being-misunderstood (& with Cathy’s previewing and permission) that I posted the video. I can’t believe the nice comments–even from some of the owners who saw their quilts! šŸ™‚ Thanks so much! It’s been fun. Sincere thanks and Happy Quilting it Out to All, Mavis

    1. Hi Mavis, I had no idea it would get such reception when I posted it here. I saw it on FB from another quilter. I’m so glad you have seen the comments. Aren’t they great!? I checked the stats on Youtube b/c I wanted you to see how many views it has gotten. It’s definitely gone viral in the LA community!

  16. I enjoyed this until Mrs Bearwagger said she wants a longarm. argggggggg
    Signed: Mister Bearwagger

  17. A few years ago Cathy Miller asked longarm chat list members to write true stories and ideas that she might use in the writing of this fun song. My true story was the opening phrase. A lady called to ask if she could wait while I quilted a quilt for her, or if I needed more time, she could pick it up after bowling that night! She was dumbfounded to learn that I couldn’t quilt it that fast and that I had an 18 month waiting list. Still longarm quilting after 21 years…

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