Strip Quilts that are so pretty!

A pattern designer who creates beautiful patterns that are both traditional and non-traditional is Terry Atkinson at Atkinson Designs. I have long admired Terry’s work not only for the designs, but also for the colors she uses. Do you remember as a child when you were learning to sew and you looked at the pattern front and thought that the fabric in the sketch was exactly what you were going to make? It took me forever to convince one of my daughters that it was the style–not the fabric– that she was choosing. But it is true that when we look at quilt patterns, we often view the colors used on the pattern sample when we decide whether to purchase / use a pattern. We all vary in our ability to view other color schemes. I love Terry’s color schemes as well as her designs.

I just want to say that if you’re going to pay money for a pattern, Terry’s new patterns are well worth it. Her Popsicle Sticks, Urban Cabin, and Pie Crust are all wonderful strip pieced quilts and could easily be made using your Accuquilt GO strip dies. She also has some cute accessory patterns – the Zippy Strippy bag and the Pockets to Go – if you like to make bags and boxes.

I think everyone has loved ‘You Can Quilt That Out’! I have watched it multiple times. It is so funny and so true and so well done. Kudos to Mavis Rosbach who created this video.

The forecast here is for heat and 101 degrees with late afternoon Tstorms. The humidity here feels like being smothered with a bear hug in a steam bath.  Have a wonderful summer day and find a cool swimming pool if you can!