Delirious Again is on the frame

I finished piecing this yesterday. Because it’s set on point, I got two of the borders measured wrong. Haven’t done that in ages, but there were puckers, so I took it off the frame measured and re-measured, laid it out flat on my 12′ quilting table, pinned it well, and re-stitched. It’s good now. When it is hanging, it looks a bit ripply, but it lays completely flat on the frame and will be perfect once it’s quilted. Remind me the next time I start making something on point that I like really flat quilt tops and straight of grain is so much easier – LOL!

I’m doing random spirals all over on it. Here’s what it looks like on the frame.

The blue-violet looks completely blue in the photos, but it really is more purple. And the green is very bright as I’m quilting over it. I had some trouble with skipped stitches, but turned my needle just a bit and it’s running great now. Will keep you posted.