Handwork for a trip?

Last week and this week have been very busy as I am getting ready to take a trip with Kat and Ezri to Phoenix to see Dr. Rekate and talk about the tiny residual tumor left in Ezri’s sweet little brain and what to do about it. What is left is like a couple of strands of thick thread. Although it’s not growing, it will cause trouble as long as it’s there. Ted will stay home with the dogs and Ben’s Mom will take care of Kes. I will only be gone three days, but it’s taking 14 days to get ready.  I babysat yesterday while Kat spent the better part of the day at Duke trying to get the most recent three pages of medical records.

My next project is to find a project of handwork to take with me. It’s a little hot to be knitting. I am thinking I will take some hand piecing. Wish I did needleturn applique, but i’m not very good at that. Maybe this is my time to master it. Hmmm–I have to decide soon what I’ll take. Any suggestions for a small, but endless project?

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    1. Great idea, but there wasn’t enough time to get the blocks cut and ready for English PP. We’re back, however in the meantime, I’m going to get some ready for the next trip. Wouldn’t it be nice to do a grandmother’s flower garden — even if it was just for a doll bed. I’ll bed the American Girl dolls don’t have a GFG quilt!

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